Fitness is part of our well-being

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What are the benefits of Fitness?

Regular exercises are not only good for the body but also good for the soul.

Fitness helps our soul get fit into our body. It strengthens the heart, the lungs, it controls weights and prevents from diseases. Fitness got amazing power for helping the body detox, and regenerate our cells. Fitness helps clean the body through sweating. It also improves your mood and therefore your feelings.


Regular exercises give us a routine getting our mind into the habit. Getting the ‘Fitness Attitude’ can actually save lives, by improving our life quality and help us live longer.


One step after another. Scientists believe the most important thing is to do regular exercise at your own pace.  

What are the reasons why we do not keep on exercising?

We are all motivated at some point to go ahead and get fit. At the beginning of the year, it is one of the popular New Year’s resolution. But what can demotivate us to be consistent with doing regular exercises?


According to Lightspeed and Mintel 2017 survey, more than

‘20% of 1,756 UK Adults questioned, are not interested in exercising.



One of the reasons considered in the above survey is ‘prefer outdoor activities’. It is important that you get to train in a safe and positive environment. Scientists recommend running in a park rather than on the high street because of the high pollution rate you can get on busy roads. Fitness is a way to oxygen your lungs, the cleaner the air, better is your workout.

Other reason considered in Lightspeed and Mintel survey, ‘not interested in exercising’. Doing your exercise on your own could be challenging for your motivation. On the other hand, practising with a relative or within a group can build your confidence and encourage each step. Finding new trends is also an opportunity to add more fun to the workout.

Paddle Board Yoga is trendy. The paddleboard is your Yoga mat. This activity increase balance, strengthen the core muscles and is real fun. A good reason for fitness and motivate yourself.

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