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I have been eating meat since I was a young girl. When I have started dating my partner who is now my husband, I heard about veganism a bit more as he was an actual vegetarian. He was no longer eating meat, what he called ‘dead animal’ but still having some fish and eggs. When we have decided to stop buying meat for real at home, it was a bit hard to cut this habit for me at first. I was feeling like my body wanted to have meat but I gone passed that feeling. And at some point, we were putting more on vegetables into our shopping basket.  We get mince free products and healthy snacks to nurture our body’s needs. I have seen what not eating meat could change in your body. Along with some exercises, my husband went to 150 kg to 80kg within few years. It was impressive. Here below what we have experienced, having a vegetarian diet. You will get to know how fasting helped me realised that our body is not meant to digest solid food all the time. He needs rest to heal.

Food and Diet

Our health starts with what we put on our plate. Eating less meat and more vegetable has been recognized as a way to be healthy and less exposed to diseases. It also has been proven that a vegetarian diet can help losing weight. Meat can be responsible for high blood cholesterol level because some meats are high in saturated fat. The Department of Health advises that ''we cut down to 70g our consumption of red and processed meat, which is the average daily consumption in the UK.''

According to The Vegan Society: “Veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose.”

good fat avocado mirrorWhen we share with people that we are following a vegetarian diet close to veganism, they often asked: ‘But what do you eat?’, ‘Lettuce and Herbs?’. Quite often the main concern is on protein. Our main source of protein is beans. Adding pulses to a diet can lower dishes in fat and add fibre to the meal. Another way to get protein quicker into our body is having a plant-based drink as per coconut, almond or soy drink. Eating differently is a whole process and changing habits can take times. But at the end of the day, it is rewarding to try to eat different things. It is safer for the environment to eat more vegetable, living crops. You can swap your meat dinner to mince meat-free one night, try a new dairy-free milkshake recipe or reduce your sugar consumption by eating more nuts and seeds.  “We are what we eat”. At I-Vibrations we believe that what we eat makes us what we are. If we eat dead animal we provide dead energy to our body. If we consume living food, we nurture our body with living energy.

Another magic thing when going to a vegetarian diet is to make your food delicious, look good and attracted to the eyes. We have taken the habit of cooking our own food at home using different spices. We wanted to add taste to our vegetable as if we were cooking meat and we did. We usually add coconut milk to our sauce. These little tricks can change the way you see vegetarian dishes.

Intermittent Fasting

I have rediscovered fasting recently. I found it amazing. I have tried intermittent fasting for about a month. It is a combination of eating period and fasting one. In the morning I was having only liquid or fruits. I have tried organic vegetable fruit juice avoiding ‘from concentrate’ fruit juice. It is always good to make your own juice. Homemade celery juice is one of my favourite for detox. In between meal if I feel I need to eat I could have dried fruits or nuts. By noon, I get a full meal. Usually, I cook a warm meal with either rice, pasta, quinoa accompanied with roast vegetable, fried vegetable meat-free, beans... For dinner, I eat light, usually salad or soup. The aim is to avoid heavy food which will take longer to digest over the night. Then the fasting starts after dinner up to 12 pm the next day. Here below a typical intermittent fasting day for me:

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The benefit of fasting

This intermittent fasting has helped me manage cravings between meals. It made a huge difference in weight management. When I did this intermittent fasting it was also a way to lower inflammation level in my body. At that time I was suffering from stomach inflammation. The fasting period helped me give more time to my digestive system to do its work.

Our body is going through a healing process when we fast.

During fasting, our body takes time to work on our damaged cells. We feel lighter and in better shape. Our body burns off excess body fat over this time. When we are ill, we usually lose appetite. Most often it is because our body does not need food to recover, but needs some rest from eating constantly, needs some time to burn stored food energy. When fasting our body is in a cleansing state. When fasting we must listen to our body and take some precaution. It is not about starving, it is about healing.
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These are the methods I have used to manage my weight. I believe in a healthy diet, combined with regular exercises, and the fasting period to cleanse and detox the body. I hope you will find this article helpful.

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People with medical conditions should consult their doctor before beginning any fasting or diet program. Some medical supervision should be considered for breastfeeding and pregnant women, people with diabetes or low blood pressure, people on medications...

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