Protein Powder

Dairy and gluten free vegan protein powder fortified with vitamins an minerals. High-quality bio-available protein shake, excellent nutritional healthy snack. Can be mixed with water, milk, fruit or vegetable juices, yoghurt, soup and stews.

Support colon detoxification and cleansing, weight loss, easy to digest, involved in the immune system, perfect for fasting, food cravings, ideal before and after exercise, beneficial for stable blood sugar balance. Can be used in a milkshake or a smoothie. 

Our protein powders are easily digestible and do not cause that bloating and flatulence which many people experience with other dairy-based protein powders. 

Free from animal products. Ideal for people who are following a vegan, vegetarian and animal-free diet. High energy, nutrients and protein boost. 


Protein powder for a different use

Support colon detoxification and cleansing

High digestibility, low-fat source of highly bio-available protein

Support your general health and well-being

Ideal for athletes to support muscle repair and recovery

Help to maintain your energy & nutrition levels