black soap shower gel moisturising body wash for dry skin sensitive skin 250ml

Creamy Coconut and Vanilla African Black Soap Body Wash Shower Gel (250ml) No Detergents, No SLS, Suitable for Sensitive Skin

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250ml traditional pure black soap. No SLS, no Parabens, no detergents.
Excellent moisturising body wash, cleanser, shampoo for very short hair, for the dry flaky scalp, shaving aid for male and female shaving.
This black soap is made from shea butter, with coconut oil and potash. The lather is rich, creamy, fluffy and it washes squeaky clean.
Our Black soap is ideal for most skin types. Users report that their skin appears smoother, healthier, clearer skin.
The shea butter we use in this black sap comes from fairly traded from co-ops in Ghana. We have hand made our African black soap the traditional way.

Enrich your shower time with this deliciously earthy traditional body wash, presented in a re-usable 250 ml bottle. SheabyNature African black soap can be used as body wash, as a hair washes for very short dry hair, dandruff or flaky, itchy scalp, and for male or female shaving.

The black soap is excellent for all types of skin, especially sensitive. In West Africa, it is used to treat a variety of skin problems and for everyday use to keep the skin smooth, nourished and healthy. Made with Pure unrefined shea butter, with coconut oil, and is saponified using potash liquid. This gives it a wonderful, nutty, smoky, natural scent. The lather is very rich, creamy and long. Our black soap is very mild with a PH level of 7-8. It is ideal for all the family. It is best used with a bath sponge for more abundant lather. With the added fragrance of Creamy coconut and Vanilla. A delight for the senses.